ornithological reserve


Located 5 minutes as the crow flies from the Bay of Somme and at the gates of Abbeville.


This former industrial site offers an exceptional biotope guaranteeing habitat, food and protection for a multitude of species on more than 40 hectares.


Depending on the season, Mirrored Blue Throat, White Stilts, Elegant Avocettes, Black-necked Grebes, Star-studded Bittern, Piping Ducks or Winter Teals are found on the National Wildlife Area. On the course, it is not uncommon to hear the lively and pressed song of the
Phragmite of rushes or crossing damiselles or butterflies to graceful flight.


The Baie de Somme – Grand-Laviers Ornithological Reserve, particularly appreciated by photographers and ornithologists, is also a remarkable place for the family to stroll.

Réserve Ornithologique - Grand Laviers
Parc du Marquenterre - St-Quentin



Between land and sea, with its 200 ha of marshes, dunes and reed beds, the Parc du Marquenterre is a preserved space that will seduce you with its unique landscapes and its natural wealth.


In the heart of the Bay of Somme Natural Reserve, site of the Conservatoire du Littoral, the Park is a privileged place for the observation of nature and animal and plant species.


You have the option of taking 3 electives – green (45 min), blue (1h30) and red (2h or more) – The guides are waiting for you at the observation posts to work with you to decipher the behaviour and lifestyle of the birds.



Here begins the story of an unusual adventure: that of the creation of a new breed of horses in modern times, between land and sea, which revives the happiness of riding in freedom, within the reach of everyone, in the beauty and fullness of nature, but also in culture and history and the universal values that unite all riders: passion, sport, art, conviviality, harmony…. We want to share this adventure with you…


Enter the legend of the Horsemen!
Welcome to Henson Earth!

Les Hensons
Passion Baie de Somme



With «Passion Baie de Somme», your guides Gwenaël and Estelle offer guided walks all year round, to discover the riches of the Bay of Somme.


Both of them have been passionate about nature since they were very young, accredited and graduates of the States, and with more than 18 years of experience in nature animation, they will have at heart to share with you their passion for this fabulous territory. To discover the fauna and flora of the estuary, to know all about the economic and traditional activities related to it, to meet the birds and seals in the Bay of Somme, to better understand the phenomenon of tides, to taste the halophile plants (salicornes, asters, obiones, etc.), enjoy the diversity of landscapes and understand their evolutions, there will be something for everyone



Located in the heart of the Authie valley at the foot of a majestic Cistercian abbey, the Jardins de Valloires are the work of the landscaper Gilles Clément. Classified as a remarkable garden, this area is home to treasures with its five garden ambience and more than 5000 species spread over 8 hectares.


Depending on the seasons and times of the day, it offers different sensations and views leaving a lot to surprise and discovery. Landscape in perpetual movement the Jardins de Valloires constantly reinvent the relationship to nature.

Jardin de Vallloires